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When the weather starts to change in the Greater Boston area, it’s important to make sure your heating and cooling unit is performing at its best. Nothing is worse than having to schedule emergency repair when you least expect it. If that happens, Pro Heating & Cooling is available for heating repair and ac repair, but there are a few things you can do to keep your equipment efficient over time.

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For furnaces, the first thing you can do is check to make sure that your burner flames are producing the amount of heat needed to adequately heat your home. When you inspect them, they should be a solid blue color and not a yellow or even red. If you notice they are the wrong color, it’s time to get a professional over to address the problem. Secondly, it’s always a good idea to remove and dust or buildup that you see in and around the heating or AC unit. By keeping this area clean, you’re ensuring that it doesn’t clog during times of heavy use. Another part of dust maintenance is to regularly replace your filter, which will help keep the area clean in between maintenance check ups. Lastly, ensure that all of your air ducts are dry and patch them if you notice any leakage. This will keep your heating and cooling unit from working overtime.

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Of course, even the best maintained heating and cooling equipment need to be replaced eventually. When it’s time for a new furnace or air conditioner, we’re here to help. As your #1 choice for home comfort, you can rely on Pro Heating & Cooling to provide top quality HVAC services in Westwood, MA.

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