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Heat loss and heat gain calculations are vital to the design of a home’s heating and cooling system. Heat loss occurs in the winter and indicates the total transfer of heat through any part of the building’s envelope from the inside out. Heat gain is the opposite. It becomes a problem in the summer, when cool air escapes and warmth enters through the attic, windows, and walls.

Heat Loss/Heat Gain Calculation Providers in the Greater Boston area

Accurately calculating heat loss and gain and targeting strategies to minimize it is the first step to optimizing the efficiency, comfort, and health of the home. Pro Heating & Cooling provides answers and improvement in the Greater Boston area and Quincy, Canton, Westwood, Newton, Dover, and Walpole, MA.

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A thorough understanding of heat loss/heat gain is necessary to properly size the HVAC system. Resolving issues with heat loss and gain helps to trim energy bills, control humidity, lessen wear and tear on HVAC equipment, shorten running times, and promote more consistent indoor temperature. The affordable investment into professional testing minimizes the chance of needless energy waste and costly repairs. The highly trained technicians from Pro Heating & Cooling adhere to the recommended industry practices and provide in-depth information and customized recommendations.

Pro Heating & Cooling utilizes load calculations for the proper sizing and design of ductwork. The integrity of ductwork directly impacts air distribution through the home and is often to blame for energy waste, air quality concerns, temperature fluctuations, and excessive strain on the HVAC system. Poorly designed and installed ductwork often sacrifices up to 40% of the conditioned air flowing through it. Pro Heating & Cooling is proficient in all aspects of heating, air conditioning, and home performance, and strives to increase the value of homes across Dedham, Milton, Needham, West Roxbury, and Braintree.

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